Our deep network and growth driven strategies will strengthen
your brand and energize your marketing efforts.

We are an integrated marketing group that thrives on strategic collaboration, and dynamic development. Our deep network and growth driven strategies will strengthen your brand and energize your marketing efforts. We are up to date on current trends, use effective tools, and implement best practices to maximize your brand’s value.


Make a Plan to Achieve Your Goals


Create a Process for Growth


Start Engaging Your Audience


Evaluate Your Results

“The Kaleidoscope Agency are an absolute dream to work with. They make the process easy and deliver quality on time & on budget.”

Martin BalzerOwner, Technology Works

“The Kaleidoscope Agency brings a thorough approach to marketing! Amber's eye for detail and analysis of our company goals made our marketing plan clear and concise. Having worked in the industry for a number of years, she has many resources and contacts to execute a project from start to finish. She has made our marketing plan easy and stress free!”

Audrey ChaneyLead Designer, Botanica Events

“Amber has the unique ability through her passion and expertise to integrate ideas, systems and workflows for an efficient marketing strategy that rewards you with results.”

Terri Olson Owner, Image Outfitters Photography

“Amber always takes the time to understand the needs of her clients, and then works to find the most effective ways to execute them in a manner that makes the client feel a part of the process. I would highly recommend her services to my friends and network!”

Brittany AttwoodCommunication Director, Defending The Cause Regional Alliance

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