26 Tips to Develop a Powerful Online Brand

By July 9, 2014Marketing, Resource

Personal Brand Benefits

There are many benefits to having a strong person brand some of which include:

  • a steady stream of ideal clients
  • rewarding partnerships 
  • leadership opportunities
  • greater credibility
  • higher perceived value

Tips for Developing an Online Brand

These benefits don’t just come overnight. It takes consistency, focus, and baby steps. Here are the ABC’s of developing a powerful online brand. 

  1. Be authentic
  2. Launch your platform online with a blog or website
  3. Create content
  4. Define your audience
  5. Build an email list
  6. Focus
  7. Memorable design
  8. Help others
  9. Seek out online influencers
  10. Join online groups
  11. Use keywords and phrases that people will use on Google to find you and your topic
  12. Learn to use LinkedIN effectively
  13. Get to understand how media works both online and offline
  14. Network
  15. Opine – State your opinion
  16. Photo – create a visual brand with a great caricature or photo of “you”
  17. Ask questions
  18. Recognize people who have helped you – Shine the light on others
  19. Create a memorable slogan that expresses your mission and purpose
  20. Teach
  21. Understand and use emotional triggers
  22. Develop your unique voice
  23. Get to understand the essence of influence. 
  24. Examine and analyze your analytics to see what works and doesn’t
  25. Forget about you and remember its all about your readers and viewers
  26. Have zeal (also known as passion)

I would encourage you to print this list, and check the things off that you have already accomplished. And work down the list on things you can work on or improve.  Schedule a free consultation to talk about how we can help you work through these tips. 

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