Why does social media matter?

By March 27, 2014Marketing, Social Media

Social media is a rapidly changing, fast paced, and fickle subject, which is why many small business owners approach social media with apprehension and skepticism. Sometimes the potential ROI of an investment in Social Media may not appear to make sense for a small business, and the results might seem nebulous and evasive. Many small business owners feel like Social Media is a beast that they could never tame, or that they are not capable of understanding the nuances and finesse required to run a successful Social Media campaign. However, despite these feelings, Social Media can be understood, it can be used successfully by any Small Business, and it can be a useful and powerful tool to grow and brand your business.

Did you know that social media sites and blogs reach 80% of active internet users? Did you know that 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online is spent on Facebook? Did you know that 50% of the 20 million Twitter users are more likely to purchase goods and services from the brands that they follow? Lets look at the benefits of Social Media and explore why you need to include Social Media in your strategic marketing plan:

Social Media

– Is more cost effective than traditional, outbound marketing
– Raises brand awareness throughout your extended network
– Helps your business maintain a good reputation
– Generates leads at a relatively low cost
– Is a channel for product/service launch announcements and promotions
– Keeps your business culturally relevant with modern content distribution
– Helps develop strategic alliances
– Allows for genuine, grass roots consumer engagement and interaction

Let’s start with the go to platform: Facebook.

1 out of every 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook
The average user spends 7 HOURS A MONTH on Facebook
70% of Facebook news consumers follow links posted by FRIENDS or FAMILY

What’s all this talk about Twitter?

Today there are more than 20 MILLION Twitter users
50% of Twitter users are more likely to purchase from brands they follow
2.1 BILLION of Twitter search engine queries every day

LinkedIN really is helpful for your business networking.

LinkedIN is the world’s largest professional networking site
A new member joins LinkedIN every second and ½ are outside of the USA

The bottom line is that Social Media can be simple, accessible, affordable, scalable and effective. Everything a business could want in a strategic marketing solution can be achieved through Social Media, which is why every major company in the world promotes and uses Social Media as a cornerstone of their strategy. The real question you should be asking yourself is not whether you can afford Social Media, it is can you really afford to not be on Social Media.

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